Graphical expressions such as pictograms and avatars are used in various online intercultural communication applications to supplement or reinforce intercultural communication. While graphical expressions carry certain semantics at first sight, cultural differences in interpretation are observed in some cases.

The following are the major research topics of this special interest group:
  • Field study on intercultural interpretation of graphical expression
  • Study on computational methods of handling graphical expression and its semantics
  • Study on standardization of graphical resources as Language Grid Resources

Related Research Papers

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SIG (Special Interest Group)

Type-2 SIG


Leader Tomoko Koda
(Faculty of Information Science and Technology, Osaka Institute of Technology)
Vice Leader Toshiyuki Takasaki
(NPO Pangaea)
Members Shogo Kamiya
(Faculty of Information Science and Technology, Osaka Institute of Technology)

Past Members

  • Heeryon Cho
    (Member in 2008. She belonged to Ishida and Matsubara Lab. Department of Social Informatics, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University)