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Articles of Language Grid Kyoto Operation Center

Language Grid Kyoto Operation Center operates the Language Grid based on the following article.

Articles of Language Grid Kyoto Operation Center

Chapter 1 General Rules

Article 1 (Name of Organization)
This organization is called Language Grid Kyoto Operation Center (the Operation Center, hereafter).
Article 2 (Location of Head Office)
The Head Office of the Operation Center is located in Language Grid Association, Kyoto, Japan.

Chapter 2 Purposes and Services

Article 3 (Purposes)
The purpose of the Operation Center is to operate the Language Grid, which aims to overcome language barriers by connecting language resources worldwide, for non-profit use, or in studies.
Article 4 (Activities)
To achieve the goal stated in Article 3, the Operation Center will:
(1) conclude the Agreement on the Language Grid,
(2) manage language resources on the Language Grid,
(3) monitor accesses to the Language Grid, and
(4) carry out any other activities necessary to achieve the purposes of the Operation Center.

Chapter 3 Operation Center

Article 5 (Operation Center)
The Operation Center consists of a Representative and a Head Office including a few Managers.
Article 6 (Representative)
The Representative represents and presides over the organization. The Representative is appointed at the board of directors in Language Grid Association.
Article 7 (Managers)
The Managers support the Representative and execute operations. The Managers are appointed by the Representative.
Article 8 (Head Office)
The Head Office conducts operations and consists of the Managers and several other members appointed by the Representative.
Article 9 (Operational Meeting)
The Representative and the Managers have regular meetings to monitor the status of operations.

Chapter 4 Operations

Article 10 (Operations)
The operations of the Operation Center cover (i) conclusion of Agreements (ii) service management, and (iii) access monitoring.
Article 11 (Conclusion of Agreements)
The operations to conclude Agreements are:
  1. Selection of appropriate organizations as a Language Grid User and conclusion of Agreements. Individuals are excluded from these Agreements, if they do not take on the role as a language resource provider.
  2. Decisions about whether to accept a request or not to use the Language Grid, when there is a request from a potential user organization. the Operation Center concludes an Agreement when accepting the request.
  3. Operator shall follow the Agreement and publicize registration information for the Language Grid User on the Operation Center's Website.
2 To conclude an Agreement, an organization as the Language Grid User shall fulfill the following conditions:
  1. The organization shall be able to contribute to education and research activities of the educational and/or research organizations that participate in the Language Grid.
  2. The organization shall be small enough that its representative can keep track of the whole group's use of the Language Grid.
  3. The organization shall be able to manage an ID and a password to access the Language Grid by sharing them with only few limited members and by keeping the public from knowing them.
Chapter 12 (Service Management)
The service management operations are:
  1. Supporting of registration and deletion of language services by the Language Service Providers. The Operation Center always keeps track of the registration status of services.
  2. Deployment of language services based on the use of the services. This deployment shall be conducted only after prior consent of the Language Service Providers.
  3. Actions related to suspension, restart, and deletion of language services.
Chapter 13 (Access Monitoring)
The access monitoring operations are:
  1. Continuous analysis of the use of language services to detect resource abuse. When abuse is suspected, the Operation Center will contact the Language Grid User to which the suspected abuser belongs and call for further investigation and response.
  2. Monitoring use of an ID and a password of Language Grid Users. If the ID and the password remain unchanged and unused for long periods, the Operation Center will ask the Language Grid User to change them.

These Articles shall take effect as from April 1, 2010.

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