Some of the current major initiatives in the area of language services – Language Grid, META-SHARE and LAPPS Grid – have agreed to collaborate each other to construct a worldwide language service infrastructure.  To this end, this workshop focuses on the direction of the Asian-Wide Language Grid as a part of the worldwide language service infrastructure

NECTEC and University of Indonesia have already started the operation of their Language Grid and connected each to the Kyoto Language Grid. As a result, we share 178 language services (139 services from Kyoto, 35 services from Bangkok, 4 services from Jakarta), including 70 South-East Asian language services.

Furthermore, Xinjiang University will launch a new Language Grid and connect it to the existing other three. We expect that Xinjiang Operation Center will bring Central Asian language services.

To cover a huge number of Asian language services, we have to achieve the coherent growth through coordinated actions within the worldwide language resource community. This workshop plans to discuss a strategy for collaborative collection of language services, such as separation of wrapping language resources from collecting language resources. For language service deployment to decrease the operation burden and improve their availability, we also discuss stable computer networks including the usage of servers provided by ISHIDA TAISEISHA CO.,LTD. (ITP).

Supported by: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S) (No. 24220002)

The workshop venue was changed to Faculty of Engineering Bldg. No.10 in Main Campus of Kyoto University. See the venue page.